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ADONIS Infertility treatment

Infertility treatment with a complex approach and all stages provided by the highly qualified doctors – only in such a case you can be sure that your long awaited dream of parenthood will be a reality.

ADONIS IVF Programs in the sphere of Reproductology have a well-developed process which meets all norms of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and are regulated by Ukrainian legislation. Worldwide knowledge and experience is used for the good of ADONIS patients and their procreation.

ADONIS professional work can’t be fully evaluated with the help of numbers, we give the genuine emotions and real happiness of baby birth. Nevertheless, some facts about ADONIS high qualification should be outlined:

  • ADONIS proficient medical practice have more than 23 years of successful work
  • ADONIS skilled staff consist of the best fertility doctors with at least 10 years of experience (the average lengths of service is 17 years)
  • Variety of IVF Programs of 12 proposals and special offers (the new proposals are constantly emerging)
  • The high level of pregnancy rate with ADONIS IVF treatment (more than 1300 successful IVF cycles in the 2020 year)
  • the most affordable prices for IVF and IUI services ranging from 500$

People with fertility problems need to go through the consultation and individually adapted examination process which will help to choose the best option for treatment. ADONIS Medical Group of Companies and its IVF Fertility clinics have the whole technological basis to provide full cycle medical assistance in one place. With a variety of infertility causes, our professional doctor will clear out all aspects of your health and will help to select the Infertility Program personally for you.

ADONIS Fertility treatment with IVF procedure provides you with the highest chances of being parents.

Informational support and accessibility 

In ADONIS clinics we believe that total awareness of the processes in patients is the best way to success, because it gives you confidence and sense of safety.

One of main advantages of ADONIS – is the easily accessible information and

treatment details from your personal coordinator who are always in touch 24/7. From the very beginning you can apply for a variety of open sources to realize the requests and have the answers to the most confusing questions.

ADONIS website (International and Ukrainian one), Individual consultations with the specialists, Telephone customer service, Email support, Personal coordination – 24/7 available help for every patient.

Worthwhile investment in a healthy baby

ADONIS Infertility treatment is considered to be the most affordable and worthwhile not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world. Without loss of quality,

customer result orientation and care, we provide well-developed packages of medical services on our own basis. ADONIS owns a medical laboratory, cryo bank, Donor base, embryo laboratory, Maternity Hospitals and many other advantages which make the treatment in ADONIS totally controlled and effective.

Leave all your fears and doubts, the new age of infertility treatment is available in ADONIS clinics. Choose your highly qualified medical partner and change your life.

For more detailed information, please, contact us with the help of any convenient way. We will identify all your needs and will begin the qualitative treatment process

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