In vitro fertilization services with quality

Your procreation is one of the most important parts of people’s life. The Medical Center ADONIS Family takes care of your health and the health of your future child for more than 23 years. With the worldwide known doctors in staff and the highest level of knowledge, we ensure the best treatment services in the area of Reproductology.

ADONIS provides In vitro fertilization (IVF) Programs for everyone who undergoes problems with conceiving. The special individual approach to each case helps to reach the best results and success for your total happiness.

ADONIS IVF treatment 

In vitro fertilization – it is assisted reproductive technology, most often used in cases of infertility (both male or female).

During IVF process, the egg is removed from the woman’s body and artificially fertilized under conditions “in vitro”, the obtained embryo is kept in an incubator, where it develops for 2-5 days. After this period of time, the embryo is transferred into the uterine cavity for further development and successful birth.

Every embryo is always under the control of experienced specialists. The special environment is created for the proper development, the latest equipment with certification and approval is ensured by ADONIS clinics for your total insurance.

We provide a thorough examination for the embryos before transfer into the uterine cavity to be sure of total health and absence of abnormalities.

ADONIS clinics of the worldwide quality mean:

  • 13 own medical centers and laboratories
  • 66 medical directions
  • 360+ doctors, 1620+ nurses, 13 biologists, 36 laboratory assistants
  • Clinical research department
  • Embryo laboratory
  • 2 Maternity Hospitals
  • Own licensed Cryobank
  • Stem cells laboratory and research center
  • The private higher educational institute

Investment in the future with ADONIS

IVF treatment in ADONIS is the best variant for those people who want to overcome fertility problems and make their beautiful investment into the future. With the help of ADONIS ‘own cryo bank, you can cryopreserve the healthiest embryos for the next IVF attempt, especially if you and your partner want to have more babies.

Special boxes with constant subzero temperature which ensure the highest level of safety for your precious genetic material.

ADONIS services affordability

One of the main aims of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is to make qualitative medical assistance affordable for the patients in the whole world.

ADONIS In vitro fertilization cost is thoroughly developed in accordance with price-quality ratio.

Our IVF Programs have the lowest price in the market, especially in comparison with the same in the USA or Europe. The best service, diagnostic, accommodation help and support – all these aspects are included into the total price.

The greatest chance for the highest level medical assistance in the area of reproductology is available in ADONIS Ukraine. Get to know more information about IVF Programs at our website, come to have personal consultation with professionals and begin the new life with a beautiful child in hand.

Medical Center ADONIS Family – the place where your dreams come true!

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