Why Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Is Essential for Your Baby’s Teething Process

Unlike other precious milestones your baby’s first tooth and the effects of teething that accompany rarely make for a sweet experience for you as parents, not to the forget the amount of discomfort your precious one feels.

Of the many existing solutions that ease the effects of teething in babies, Baltic amber teething necklace happens to be one. But in order to comprehend the benefits of Baltic amber, we need to understand the issue that is teething.

What Happens During Teething?

Teething is a natural follow-on that ensures your precious baby’s teeth develop properly. During this period, infants tend to want to chew on different objects, and because of this, saliva is produced in abundance which leads to drooling.

When your baby’s first teeth come out, they inevitably lead to tender and sore gums. The niggling pain makes babies irritable, cranky, sleepless at times. When teething, you baby’s body temperature may rise to around 37.2°C (99°F).

As parents, we too share this discomfort and stay up at odd hours to pacify them. And while we cannot eliminate these symptoms, we can however reduce their effect on our precious one.

Baltic Amber Necklaces – What Are They?

Amber is basically resin from pine trees that existed millions of years ago, which got fossilized (hardened) over time. Upon decomposition, they got carried by rivers and either found their way into the soil or got deposited into seas and oceans.

Baltic amber is so named as it is recovered from deposits in the Baltic Sea of Northern Europe. This amber comes in a variety of colours including brown, yellow, orange, milky red, green and blue. Thus, a Baltic amber teething necklace refers to an ornament that made from this specific substance that occurs naturally.

A Natural Teething Remedy

According to reports, one of the ingredients trapped in Baltic amber is succinic acid, which accounts for approximately 6-8% of its make-up. It is this ingredient that primarily contributes to the benefits of Baltic amber teething necklaces, with respect to teething issues in babies.

An active ingredient in heart medicine and topical creams to manage arthritis, succinic acid has oxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and soothing properties. Thus, when a Baltic Amber necklace is placed around a baby’s neck, it is warmed by the temperature of the body, and releases oils containing succinic acid and get absorbed into the system through the skin.

As a result, that niggling pain around the gums is reduced over time, making your infant that much less cranky and irritated. The cool and soothing effect of succinic acid controls your baby’s urge to gnaw at objects, which in turn reduces the amount of drooling. There is also a fair amount of reinforcing of your baby’s immune system that happens in this whole time he/she is wearing the necklace.

Parental Considerations

As fruitful as the benefits of Baltic amber are, but so are your parental responsibilities. Remember that the necklace is not meant for chewing, so do not leave it on your baby unsupervised or when he/she is sleeping. If teething symptoms become too severe, then do not hesitate to consult your physician.

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