Bounce House Buying Guide

Everyone that has experience with bounce houses knows how fun it is for kids and it’s something that they don’t get to do every day. There are two options you can take, buying or renting one which depends on your budget and how much it will be used. Some people decide to buy it for their kids and then rent it to friends which can be a good way to make some extra money.

There are a few things you need to know in advance because it isn’t made out of one material and there are many kinds of them. You can do online research for St.Louis Bounce House rental to check how others are managing their business but it would be best if you know someone that has one so they can share their knowledge. Deciding which one to get, commercial or residential type, is the first thing you should do.

Materials Used

Most of the materials used to make the mare well-known and if you had experience with them, you should know why they are used. The majority of people don’t know the features of these materials including PVC, Polyester, Nylon and Vinyl. The plastic material that is man-made is Vinyl. It’s rigid and strong and can be used for many purposes like furniture or clothes depending on how it is processed because you can improve its flexibility. Heavy-duty bounce courses are made out of it because it’s stronger than polyester.

Nylon is used because it’s cheap and often used for textiles. A benefit for this product would be a water-resistant feature. Polyester can be compared to nylon but it’s very durable and stronger. Another advantage is that it’s resistant to mildew, stretching or shrinking. PVC is almost the same as Vinyl just the process of making it is different because with PVC we are looking for more stronger and flexible material. Because it is more durable, you will find that the majority of commercial bounce houses are made of it.

Residential or Commercial Type

When it comes to residential type, it is usually made of polyester oxford or heavy-duty nylon. Because it is stronger than polyester, nylon is used for bigger bounce houses. The goal here is to have fabric that has a higher density because it will be more durable and stronger. Nylon isn’t always a great choice because it absorbs water more than polyester oxford or vinyl. If you want something that is cheaper, resistant to sagging, water-resistant and has a lighter weight, you should go with oxford cloth. The problem with it is that once you damage it you need to replace it.

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If you compare residential and commercial type which is the same size you will notice that commercial is heavier. It’s because manufacturers use PVC vinyl to make it immune to tearing and stronger. The disadvantage is that they are more difficult to set up because of the weight. They are trying to improve the design and use lighter PVC but there is a risk of making it weaker. A good thing is that they are waterproof and easier to clean. They will for sure last longer even if you use it more than residential. Most rental companies use them because it is used a lot.

Renting Tips

If you are not running a business but you have kids that want a bounce house you should consider residential type because of the price and someday they will ask for something else that interests them. When you know a lot of people and there are many parties you have to attend to, you might think about getting commercial type because it is a possible business opportunity. Many rental businesses started this way but you need to do deeper research.

When you want to rent one, make sure you find a trusted company that has experience. There are people that will rent you a damaged product that was repaired a couple of times and you can’t be sure if your kids will damage it which you will have to pay for later. You can ask people that have experience renting them for advice. Safety is in the first place so you shouldn’t get the cheapest option. Read more on this page.

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